About Women Of Weed Street

Women Of Weed Street is a network of cannabis advocates raising the voices of women whose lives have been effected by the drug war and a platform for telling their stories of healing. Originally founded in New York City as an offshoot of Occupy Weed Street, formed by the need for safe space for women to organize, we are now established in Boulder Colorado.

We are a community of communities, working to legalize and normalize cannabis. We are bridging the gap between the grassroots and the business communities, elevating the voices of those who are effecting real change through social justice centered art, intersectional activism and socially responsible business practices.

With our interview series we bring you stories straight from the homes and streets throughout the cannabis community about the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, how stigmas and stereotypes have effected our lives and how we are changing them through the many platforms that have sprung from the global cannabis legalization movement. This is also a place where founder Lorna Shannon blogs about her personal journey of healing through utilizing cannabis, the arts, mindfulness practices, and community building.

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Email us at womenofweedst@gmail.com to be interviewed and connect with us on social media to meet up with us in person in Boulder and Denver Colorado!






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