Free the Money, Free the Medicine, Free the People

People all over the world experience debilitating mental health illnesses that are all too often swept under the rug as private matters that one should not discuss.  While corporate industrial conglomerates destroy our planet, their media pundits propagandize for them. They profit off our illnesses, selling us drugs that often make matters worse while withholding our means to cure ourselves with what resources nature has provided us.

The true sickness it seems, is being well adjusted in this society that breeds depression and suicide. In some societies mental health illness is seen as a signal that someone is becoming a “spiritual healer” and has a vital message for the community from the spirit realm. It is not treated as pathology but rather an energetic imbalance in need of re-alignment.

We all deserve to live in a world in which we can thrive, rather than one that is designed to keep us depressed from debt and too distracted to do anything about it.

Wall street is waging a war against the 99% by way of crippling debt in student loans, medical bills, mortgages, and debt as money. The mental health crisis we are in is a symptom of the economic decline of western civilization.

The NEED Act, or the National Emergency Employment Defense Act, is legislation that could fund an end to the economic and psychological depression of our society. All of this freely flowing disease is linked to our privately owned, corporately controlled, debt based monetary system that currently resides in the hands of Wall Street. With The NEED Act we can take back control of the dis-ease in our money and our minds. By shifting the ownership of who controls the money supply from Wall Street to The People via the US Treasury as described by Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution, we can release the 99% from the grips of debt and allow sovereign money to flow freely. This debt free money can be used to fund a Green New Deal and Universal Basic Income that we so badly need to take care of each other and planet Earth.

We must acknowledge in our society that how our money is made effects us on a deep level. This debt system is a much greater threat to American citizens’ lives than any made up “them” or “they” the elite in power can concoct. We need to eradicate the conditions in which mental disease of epidemic proportions breed, as well as the incentives for doctors to work in the pharmaceutical companies’ best interest rather than their patients’.

To read more about The NEED Act visit Contact your congressional representatives to tell them to sponsor the reintroduction of the NEED Act (HR 2990 of the 112th Congress) in order to fund an end to the mental health crisis and the web of crises we face daily in America.



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