Spark of Creativity

Stories from Weed Street: Spark of Creativity 
Name: Dawn*
Age: 30
Location: Weed Street, NYC
Occupation: Paralegal by day and business owner by night.
  • What is your favorite cannabis consumption method and what do you like to do when you consume? 
 I usually use a bowl but when I have good friends over I intentionally roll a blunt. It’s ceremonious and celebratory for us. We play awesome music in the background and catch up with each other.
  • How have you been effected by cannabis prohibition? 
It’s difficult to be taken seriously as a business owner if it’s known that you consume cannabis. The ridiculous stereotype that a stoner is a criminal, lazy drug addict is moot. It’s already been proven through many studies that certain types of cannabis consumption can increase creativity and efficiency.
  •  How does cannabis effect your parenting, school and/or work? 
It’s calming on a stressful day but I mainly enjoy consuming cannabis before working on my business projects as it allows me to focus better and my level of creative thinking to soar. Many of the best ideas for my business and my art were sparked along with my bowl.
  • What interesctional social justice issue are you most passionate about that cannabis legalization can help? 
The prison system is an issue that I think is interconnected with the legalization movement. Much of the incarcerated population is made up of non-violent individuals who were simply arrested for possessing or consuming cannabis, a large percentage of it being men and women of color.
  • What advancement in cannabis science and research are you most excited about?
I’m extremely excited about cannabis use and research in the medical field. I have severe back pain that is (thankfully) dulled when I smoke. There’s already so many uses for cannabinoids in connection to pain management, cancer, etc, imagine what else can be done with further research!
  • What does cannabis legalization for the 99% look like to you?
There would be readily available access for medical and recreational use for everyone and the stereotypes fade into history! It’d be great if drug testing would stop holding back people from getting jobs.

*Name has been changed 

How does cannabis enrich your life? How has your life been effected by cannabis prohibition? Submit your story to!


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