Mommy’s Little Helper


Name: Alice*

Age: 29

Occupation: Mom, Teacher, Artist

Location: Weed Street, USA

  • What is your favorite method of cannabis consumption and what are your favorite activities to do while high?

“I do indeed love to smoke cannabis and have since I was 15 years old. It was love at first sight. From the very first time I smoked that poorly twisted mid grade in the bedroom of my buddy after a day of snowboarding. That joint was shitty and shared between 10 people and I still fell in love. Of course since then my taste for quality buds and methods of smoking have grown immensely. A few years ago I would have been smoking out of a two foot bong with 16 filtration chambers and a frozen gel chamber attachment and my Volcano. Since the birth of my daughter I like to keep it more low key and I prefer to smoke my Pax2. That thing is amazing. Sometimes on special occasions I’ll smoke a blunt, but that’s rare these days. When I smoke I love to create things, I love to paint, I love photography and I love being outside. Pretty much anything is better after you smoke but those three particular things are enhanced to the max with cannabis. I can really feel my creative mind coming to life. My art is super colorful, abstract and surreal, kind of like how weed makes me feel.”

  • Why is  cannabis legalization important to you?

“I’m going say something I believe that many people might not agree with – I am for the legalization of all drugs. I believe they should be regulated and taxed. Theoretically, the money spent on “the war on drugs” and imprisonment could go towards education and recovery. More research could go into the medicinal qualities of not only cannabis but psilocybin, ibogaine, lsd, mdma and other drugs of that nature. Legalization would remove the need for a black market, eliminating a huge amount of violence and disease. If it were legal cannabis would help our country in so many ways. There would be medical and economic advancements. The profits could be put back into schools and social services, put into bettering our society. All of those reasons aside, I truly believe in freedom and you should have the freedom to consume any substance you want as long as you are not endangering anyone else. That’s what legalization comes down to – freedom. We will never really be free until we stop letting other people tell us what we can and can’t do with our own bodies.”

  • How does cannabis help you?

“Cannabis helps me in so many ways. By nature I am a very emotional person, which can be overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety. I’ve tried medication after medication and all that ever did was dull my mind and cause side effects. Pot helps me manage my anxiety. It also gives me inspiration for my art. A lot of the things I have created have been because of my relationship with cannabis. I guess you could say it’s my medicine.”


  • How does cannabis effect your work, parenting, school?

“I think it enhances all of those things. It makes me think more critically in school, it helps me slow down and not get angry with work. It helps my parenting in the fact that my daughters point of view is more easily seen and understood. It helps me to play with her in a more child-like way. I can tell we both have more fun when I have smoked before she wakes up from nap. Being an art teacher most of my adult life, I have loved working with children and inspiring them to be creative and get in touch with who they are through their art. Seeing things through children’s eyes and empathizing with them is one of the greatest gifts cannabis has ever given me.”

  • What advancement in cannabis science and research are you most excited about?

“I am super exited about CBD and the research going into how that can help children with anything from autism to cancer. I work with autistic kids and a great deal of them could benefit from this plant. So much pain could be eliminated with this powerful medicine. It’s changing lives and that’s a beautiful thing.”

  • Why do you think it’s important to come out as activists about our cannabis use?

“I think it is important we come out, for the future generations. I never felt strongly about this until I had my daughter. I want her to grow up in a world where she can fight for what she believes in. I want her to be strong and who else is going to teach her that but me? I long for the day when I can be open about my cannabis use and not have to hide for fear of police or DCF or for being disowned by my family full of law enforcement officers. I long for the day where I can ask the women in my daughter’s playgroup if they’d like to come over to share a joint as easily as I could offer a bottle of wine. I wish my daughter could grow up knowing that smoking a little weed is the same relaxation as some people experience enjoying a beer. Hopefully we can make that day come soon.”


*Name has been changed 

How does cannabis enrich your life? How has your life been effected by cannabis prohibition? Submit your story! Email for our interview questions!


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