What Is ‘Weed Street’?

What is ‘Weed Street’?

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Weed Street is a platform for raising the voices of those who are healing themselves and the world through grassroots activism, social justice centered art, socially responsible business.

Weed Street represents responding to our environment, a call to action. It’s a place where ‘activism’ is not a dirty word, but an understanding, a language of it’s own.

Weed Street is the new ‘Yellow Brick Road’, playing off the metaphor Michael Moore uses in his new film Where To Invade Next. In his latest documentary, Michael Moore proves that the solutions for our society are not as radical or as complicated as one might expect, but what he fails to realize in his homage to the economic symbolism in The Wizard of Oz, is this road is going to be paved with Hempcrete and paid for with sovereign money!

Weed Street is about nonpartisan solutions that lead us away from the corrupt path of Wall Street, away from crumbling infrastructure, away from budget depleted schools, away from the failed policies of the global drug war that has ravaged our communities.

Weed Street is where those on the pursuit of happiness can connect, collaborate, and play, creating the changes we want to see in the world. It leads to overhauling the system with radical reform through legislation such as initiative 300 in Denver, ColoradoProp 64 in California, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) in New York, state legislation which would effectively end the failed drug war. At the Federal Level there is the National Emergency Employment Defense Act, aka the NEED Act, legislation for monetary reform which would fund a Green New Deal and a bail out for the 99% of struggling Americans. 

Weed Street is ultimately a state of mind. Taking a mindful walk down Weed Street is how we untangle ourselves from the web of lies that has kept us from knowing the true power of the people, reminding us that nature knows best and that we already know how to heal ourselves.

Lorna Shannon, cannabis legalization activist, monetary reformer and Founder of Women Of Weed Street

What does ‘Weed Street’ mean to YOU? Comment below!




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