High Sex


“The strain of choice for high sex depends — as with most things — entirely on you and what kind of high and what kind of sex you’re having. Lorna Shannon directs me to the site Leafly, where I am able to explore different strains by their attributes and effects. There are over 83 strains boasting arousing properties, like Sour Dream which, “will spark arousal, euphoria, and a touch of the giggles. Keeps you and your honey’s mood in amorous spirits,” or Love Potion #1, which one customer reviewed as “Makes you so horny, ha!”

For beginners, Shannon cautions to study strains and test out different weed before sex, but points to hybrid strains as providing the best of both worlds. “I recommend starting foreplay with a hybrid that has relaxing indica qualities to get you into your body while also providing the stimulating cerebral sativa effects for deepening connection.”

Stoners generally gravitate towards one another in the context of dating, and therefore, in the context of sex. The same kind of people that might toke up to alleviate everyday anxieties are the same kind who benefit the most from weed in the bedroom. “Marijuana is very good for stress and anxiety relief as well as introspection and connection to higher self and source. It aids in more fulfulling, intimate connection to a sexual partner. It quiets the mind, allows you to be present, and awakens the senses which enhance the experience of sexual pleasures,” Shannon explains.

“For many, just the pungent aroma of a dank bud can send the senses reeling and turn on the libido in a heartbeat.” But what is high sex like for you, I ask.

“Most stoners feel that high sex is the best sex. I think high foreplay can turn into an adventure, an exploration of the senses and the flesh of your partner, when you let go of stress and let the anxieties of every day life melt away with every inhalation of THC,” Shannon describes to me.”…

… I asked Mathew Gerson, the creator of Foria, the aforementioned marijuana-enhanced lubricant: “For most women, relaxation is a key attribute in the experience of pleasure and arousal,” he explains, noting that marijuana is the key to this type of loss of mind, this complete letting go. “We live in the time and era where we have a lot of residual stresses coursing through our bodies because of modern technology and the pace we’re all living. The body is sort of new to this pace. The body’s been around a lot longer than our iPhones have,” Gerson says.

“Melting” was a word I kept hearing as I talked to veteran stoner lovers, pot activists, and weed-lube newbs alike… Engage with the full spectrum of sensing phenomena. Just melt. That’s what Ginsberg would advise, and I usually trust Allen Ginsberg.”

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